Coaching was new to me. David’s calming and non-judgemental approach made me feel at ease. It was not like a question and answer session, it felt like I was telling him a story, my story. It made me think deeper and realise I had something in me that I thought never existed. It was empowering. For me coaching was leading me back to myself, finding and knowing myself again. I worked with David for three and a half months and his coaching made a big difference to my life. I would definitely recommend him as a coach

EB, Wiltshire

David was able to deliver individual coaching with each of the managers to focus on their specific needs as well as regular group training for the core skills that they needed. The results were dramatic! I found that I had a more motivated senior team who all knew and bought into what the business was trying to achieve, the business grew substantially in sales and profit and I was able to take a step back from the day to day operations and focus more strategically on where I wanted to take the business

RW, Wiltshire

David was my first experience of working alongside a business coach, I can recall approaching the whole experience with my normal default setting of disbelief and cynicism. David helped shape the way that I approach the problems and issues that can occur regularly in a medium sized organisation. My approach has become more collaborative and with a greater value placed on an individual’s motivation rather than just target driven. This is certainly down to David’s influence and without doubt a positive change for both me and the business. On a more human note, I am now more relaxed in sharing my thinking with others. I am still convinced most of the time that I am right but thanks to David am more likely to admit and listen to others when I am wrong and then, perhaps more importantly, do something about it

CB, Somerset

Working with David as a Coach as opposed to a Consultant was a very different experience. Instead of giving answers to the issues his questions provoked a thought process that in turn gave me clarity and an invigorated enthusiasm and strength to get the best outcome for me

EB, Yorkshire

I found my sessions with David cathartic. I liked his calm listening style. He definitely added value

SH, London