About Coaching for Clarity and Performance

I started Coaching for Clarity and Performance after running several of my own businesses and tasting both success and failure.

Having run management development training programmes, worked as a management consultant and experienced coaching as both a coach and a coachee I can honestly say that coaching is the most powerful development tool that exists to create lasting and transformative change.

There are many different styles of coaching and coaches. At one extreme there is a very prescriptive style. The coach takes you through a number of pre-determined steps to improve your business.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to that approach. You are the expert on your life and your business. It will not help your long-term success if I give you solutions based on my own values and beliefs. They will not work for you. I found that out the hard way with a number of consultancy assignments!

In setting up Coaching for Clarity and Performance I wanted to focus on two clear objectives for people involved in business at whatever level. Getting a clear goal (clarity) and helping you get the most out of your business and personal life (performance).

The Start

First and foremost I would want to help you get clarity on the journey you want to take. Using well framed and aimed questions that help you define where you are starting from, where you want to get to and how you can bridge the two.

Increased Clarity

With that increased clarity your performance will immediately improve and you are on the journey to the ultimate destination – one you have decided on, the one that fulfils your belief in yourself, the one that enables you to live the best life you can.

My Commitment

My commitment is to stand with you and support you on the journey using all my experience in business and all my training as a professional coach.

Challenge and Reward

It will be challenging (I won’t allow you to get away with woolly thinking), it will be rewarding (as you take the first successful steps on your journey) and it will be enjoyable (as you gain confidence along the way).

Most of my work is done face to face and each session takes around 90 but you will need to allow 30 minutes on both sides of the meeting to allow for preparation and reflection. I am based in Shropshire but am happy to work across the UK.

If you think you would like me by your side on your journey then get in touch today and we can set up an initial discussion to see exactly how I can help. I am a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and am committed to their Code of Conduct and Ethics.